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Dynamic index list (group and sort)

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Dynamic index list (group and sort)

for guest users I want to create an index list of all records. All records are members of three groups : group1, group2, group3. How can I create a list for each group, sorted on another field :

group1 : 1 5 7 2 12 6
group2 : 2 8 9
group3 : 3 11 10 4

within each group the records are sorted on a field NUMBER. This field is not the unique field (recordID/UserID).

I know how to search and sort with the program : &sb=NUMBER&group=GROUP1 but I don't know how to generate a list of the results

TIA, Marty

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Re: Dynamic index list (group and sort) In reply to
Have you by any chance looked at the short/long mod?

I think this might give you the output that you are looking for, if I understand you correctly.

This mod is available in the resource center or from JPDeni's site: http://www.jpdeni.com/dbman/

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