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Display 'latest' headlines with SSI

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Display 'latest' headlines with SSI
Hi, Oh! I need help :) Really....
On a static html page I want to display headlines (one or two fields) from the 5 newest records in my db. They must be sorted with the newest on top... I want to generate a text file containing the html for the 'headlines' table, and then include (SSI) this file into the static front page of my site. This is a much faster way to display the list than having to exec cgi and search the whole db each time a user loads the page. The txt-file should be generated when users add, modify or delete records. (and maybe when auto delete is activated). Any solutions to this? I have tried to modify the view_success and html_record (I use short-long mod) routines, but what a mess I got it into :)

I really want that little neat txt file to be generated...

-Yob Angie

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The following resources may help you:

This is a modification to make DBMan a news database,
with categories and users. The latest news can be called
via SSI and a RDF files of the latest headlines is also
generated. NewsMan is not polished yet and requires some
hacking to get it running - things like categories are hard
coded in.

Liz Davies' website
Liz's web site has a news database which is run by DBMan.
DBMan has been quite heavily customised and the 4 newest
database entries are displayed on the home page using SSI.

External Text Mod


Eliot Lee