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Default Date Pattern Match.

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Default Date Pattern Match.
What is the default Date Pattern used by DBMan to search the date by range.

<input type=
"text" name="Date-gt">
<input type=
"text" name="Date-lt">

I have the date field within it but have customized it "22-Sep-2006" by changing date subs within DBMan.

I have a very small database of 900 records and am ready to search and replace the date field within all records and I did to test it "22-09-2006" and searched the records with above given 'gt' and 'lt' fields but it didn't work.

So what should I use? DD-MM-YYYY, MM-DD-YYYY, MM-DD-YY what is the default for date range searching, so I can update all previous records and new dates should be inserted within same scheme.


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Re: [samsara] Default Date Pattern Match. In reply to
There is a bit of an error in sub query. Go to http://jpdeni.com/dbman/Mods/bugfix.txt and update the code for sub query, which is the first code in the file.

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