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DBMAN Upload MOD Link Only

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DBMAN Upload MOD Link Only
Hi, First let me say that this is a great forum!

I am having a problem with DBMAN upload MOD. I am trying to upload PDF files as attachments to database records. I do not want them to open when the record is displayed, I simply want a link to the file. Right now, the file uploads, a directory is created as it should. I get an error when the record is displayed but I think that is because it's trying to open the file. A "JPG" opens fine. Is there a mod that covers this issue?

Thanks for helping a CGI dummy!
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Re: [flhartley] DBMAN Upload MOD Link Only In reply to
You'll have to hack the part of the mod that prints the <IMG SRC="some kind of code here"> part and change it to <A HREF="put the code here">PDF</A>.

Here is the line in html.pl that you added (if doing the single upload MOD)

print qq|<img src= "$SAVE_DIRECTORY_URL/$file">|;

Change it to
print qq|<A HREF="$SAVE_DIRECTORY_URL/$file">$file</A>|;

See if this works.
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Re: [Watts] DBMAN Upload MOD Link Only In reply to
Thanks, Yes that works great!