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Configuring my first db

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Configuring my first db
Hi, being a new user of DBMan, there are quite a few things I wish to get help from you peopleb:-]

1. I am making the db as a resume bank. Inevitably there are fields for multiple paragraphs. How do I deal with the "maxlength" setting? I don't want to limit the length of some field at all.

2. On the other hand, I think the better way to control the size of a resume record is by the file size, say below 5k of text. Do I have a chance in DBMan?

3. Any chance I can set the date formate to say, 2000/1/26, or 2000/01/26, or 2000.01.26?

4. I checked some other users' DBMan, some of them accept double byte characters (Chinese), or don't. Where do I set to accept so?

5. Any chance I can have html formate on individual records like the UBB does?

6. Am I corrected to put the following items in the same directory, while the others in another, for secruity purpose?
- db.cgi
- db.cfg
- auth.pl
- auth (sub-dir)

7. I call up the script by the link:
This gives me the logon page. Where can I "ADD" a new user?

Many thanks.

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1) Make the maxlength to something like 10000, which most people will not use that many characters. I have a resume and job bank for anthropology related jobs and resumes at the following web site:


2) Nope. Typically size of resume records in my site are between 5,000 and 10,000 bytes.

3) Yep..Edit the following sub-routines in the db.cgi file:

sub get_date
sub date_to_unix

Editing date formats have been discussed more than once in this forum...Search it.

4) Search this forum for special characters. There are ways to include regular expressions in the valid expressions attribute of fields in the %db_def section of the default.cfg file.

5) Yep...This Mod has been posted in this Forum as of yesterday (1/27/00). Search the forum.

6) Yes.

7) If you are adding users yourself, you would login to your DBMAN, go to the Admin Menu, and that is where you add users. If you are allowing users to create their own account, simply add the following link in your sub_html_home routine:

<a href="$db_script_url?db=$db_setup&signup_form=1">Account Signup</a>

To have people access your main page without logging in use the following URL:

<a href="http://www.yourdomain.com/cgi-bin/ressearch/cv.cgi?uid=default">Access Database</a>

To add a link to the signup form from an external web page, use the following URL:

<a href="http://www.yourdomain.com/cgi-bin/ressearch/cv.cgi?db=default&signup_form=1">Account Signup</a>


Eliot Lee
Anthro TECH,L.L.C
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