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Code for Reading POP3 Mail on UNIX

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Code for Reading POP3 Mail on UNIX
I am looking for a Perl script that can read POP3 mail in UNIX and store in a flatfile. This script would run from the user's account periodically to read the mail and put it in a simple flatfile database like DBMan consisting of three fields - sender, subject and bodytext.

I have looked around on the web (cgi/perl resources) trying to find such a script or similar script without success. I guess I will not find a script for such a specific requirement!!!

I will greatly appreciate if someone can help me with Perl code for reading the mail from POP3, rest I think I can manage.
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Re: Code for Reading POP3 Mail on UNIX In reply to

This doesn't seem like a DBMan issue. Might I suggest re-posting your question in the PERL/CGI forum? It's more geared towards the type of information you're looking for. Smile

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Re: Code for Reading POP3 Mail on UNIX In reply to
And also it may take more than 12 hours for someone to respond to your Topic since I noticed that you already posted this same Topic in the Perl/CGI at 12:23 A.M. and you have re-posted it in this Forum at 12:40 P.M.

It takes time for people to digest the large number of Topics and also the details contained in them before responding.

Be more patient is my suggestion.


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Re: Code for Reading POP3 Mail on UNIX In reply to
I'm not sure if this would help with what you are looking for but it's related Smile

Check out:


This will also provide the clue for searching for the module: NET::SMTP
which is what you might need to read the mail .

I found a more interesting an informative thread relating to using Mail::POP3Client. This might be more what you are looking for.


Let us know if you get this all worked out and up and running with DBMan as it would be very useful information.

Hope this helps Smile

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