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Checkbook Register MOD

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Checkbook Register MOD
Here is a modified dbman script I use to keep up with my checking account...

The script is designed for you to add checks/deposits/transfers simply and keep track of your running balance. You can also remove cleared items to an archive file so that only your outstanding checks/deposit show. The archive file can be purged from time to time. Play around with it. It's okay to run on your personal web server since no personal information is ever entered (not even your name or account number or anything).

1. Create a directory in cgi-bin called "check" or whatever.

2. Upload the following files and set the permissions (in standard dbman fashion - see Readme)

3. Create a directory (scripts for example) to hold the javascripts and misc files (do not create it under cgi-bin, you'll need it in a public place) and upload the following files (not in ascii - it will mess up the powered.gif file):

4. Set up information in default.cfg accordingly

Login as "Admin" with password as "Admin".

! Technical Stuff

What the extra files do:

* balance.js keeps track of your balance forward and is updated by the script each time you enter a transaction and is set to 0.00 by default.
* math.js is general javascript math functions, date functions, etc.
* vendors.js keeps track of a list of "keywords" that are added via the db script "add record" screen. (although, you'll have to delete the vendors by hand)
- an example would be using code GT for Gossamer-Threads when adding a record, so from then on typing GT in the Payee/Description box will bring in the name Gossamer-Threads
* powered.gif is the Gossamer-Threads logo - it makes the script run smoother not having to connect to GT, especially if you are running it locally.
* window.htm is the pop up where you add vendors - this is handled via the db script.
You should not have to modify any of the above files (except to delete vendors every now and then) since they are all handled through the script.

Good Luck!
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Re: [Watts] Checkbook Register MOD In reply to
Bug Fix:

add the following to html_login_form and html_login_failure

<input type="hidden" name="add_form" value="1">

It seems weird but there's a reason for it. Without it the "Add Vendor" button won't appear until you've entered more than one transaction per session.
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Re: [Watts] Checkbook Register MOD In reply to
Bug fix #2

Made minor changes: had path to one of my accounts 'hardcoded' in html.pl which wouldn't do you any good Wink - changed it to a variable.

Removed comment from JavaScript since it would break the script. Shocked

Use this attachment instead of one above.

Ps: Here are some screen shots - I'll leave them up for a little while.

Add Transaction

Add Vendor


kinda large pics. sorry.

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