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Calculate inside form

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Calculate inside form
Hi - Today I am thinking...

I was just going through the posts and I was looking for keywords calculate and form
and what I found there were a lot of entries related to shopping card questions.
But that seems too sophisticated for my purpose.

The thing that I was thinking about is the following:

I built up a form comprising several products, prices per piece for each product and a visible or hidden input field called total_sum.

If I enter the number of pieces the total_sum should be calculated on the fly and displayed in the form because I like to store it together with the other information.

Has anybody got experience with this idea??

Sincerely Michael

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Re: Calculate inside form In reply to
I believe you will find some options and perhaps a solution in the FAQ noted below under "Calculate / Counts".

I think i have most of the treads dealing with calculations referenced there.

Hope this helps

Unoffical DBMan FAQ