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CGI.pm and upload file mod

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CGI.pm and upload file mod
I installed the upload mod and now the database won't even let me in. I verified syntax I believe and I did it in an unusual way, but my question is

Would this be what is occuring if CGI.pm was not installed?

I need to know because my web hosting people aren't answer whether it is or not.


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Re: [mabel] CGI.pm and upload file mod In reply to
I don't have any idea what the lack of CGI.pm would do. Most of the code came from someone else and I don't understand all the details of it, so I can't give you any details of what would or wouldn't happen. I would start over and be absolutely certain that the mod has been installed correctly. If you are certain that you did it correctly and it still doesn't work, then it would seem that it won't work on your system.

When you say, "the database won't even let me in," what do you mean? Do you get any kind of error message?

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