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Boolean Mod Question

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Boolean Mod Question
Ok, all. Somewhat of a Novice here so I'll ask a quick question for you all. If I wanted to implement the Boolean MOD in my html.pl file, would the MOD apply the Boolean conditions to every field in the sub html_record_form? Or would it only apply it to one field named "Keyword" or... what? :) I really want to implement this into my regular search function.

My hope is to have a few checkbox fields on the general search page and have the bool modifier entered through a hidden field (or) so that they can check off a few options in a few fields and have the database return all the records that match any of the fields they've checked. Let me know and thousands of thanks in advance!

(By the way, this is a GREAT MOD... Been using DBMan for about a year now and having no way to do Boolean searches is undoubtedly the place I've had the most trouble... So, way to go!)