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Automatic Thumbnails

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Re: Automatic Thumbnails In reply to

I was the one trying out the multi-upload thumbnails, and there seems to be a problem I can't begin to understand...it's seems that some random thumbnails are being created in other user's records! I would ask JPD about it, but it's a random occurence that happens in 1 out of every 20 or so records.

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Re: [benseb] Automatic Thumbnails In reply to
Please help!

My ISP installed Image:Magick for me. Since one year I'm trying to implemet it as described in this thread, without results.

I added the following code to db.cgi

# At the top of the script

use Image::Magick;

# In sub validate_upload after "chmod (0666, "$SAVE_DIRECTORY\/$newdirname\/$filename");" I added this code:

# Image:Magick #
$CONVERT = "/usr/local/bin/convert"; #this path was given by my ISP
$THUMBNAIL_SIZE_W = 230; #pixel width of thumbnail
$THUMBNAIL_SIZE_H = 100; #pixel height of thumbnail
mkdir "$SAVE_DIRECTORY\/$newdirname\/tn", 0777;
system "$CONVERT $SAVE_DIRECTORY\/$newdirname\/$filename $SAVE_DIRECTORY\/$newdirname\/tn\/$filename";
# /Image:Magick #

I tried everything (also with a seperated script "thumbnail.cgi"). The "tn" folder is created but the thumbnail not!

I'm desperated!

Has anyone an idea?
Thanks a lot!

With best regards

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