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Adding Multiple Records at one time

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Adding Multiple Records at one time
I would like for my uses to add more than one record at a time. I have the html setup to do this but the problem is with the ID. All of them have the same ID number in that field. How do I control the ID so that each one has a different ID number?

Sherwin Sales@jse.net
I want have clients to add 10 items at a time on the add page. But when I setup to test it out with just two items. The ID came up the same instead of having different ID numbers. I was under the impression that the ID for each record had to be different. If that is not the case then I can continue. If that is not the case then the ID needs to be different for each record. I need to know how to make the ID in each data field come up automaticly with a different ID number.

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Do you want each User to have a different ID number but be able to add records with the same ID number? I am a bit confused about your final goal.

Could you give an example or be more specific about what you want to happen?



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