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Add record info to second database help needed.

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Add record info to second database help needed.
I'd like to add information from new records to the links database when the record is added to the native database.

The information would need to only be added or deleted to the links db. The modification of the original record should not change the links db.

Additionally, I'd like to add record information to a third database as well. This would act as a global database for the database area of the website and allow a "search all databases" option. Alternatively, a modification to the db.cgi for a "search all" option would work as well or better.

The search all mod would have it's hands full though, separate html.pl for search and display, separate .cfg for configuration. But a search all mod could search all fields (maybe) instead of just NAME, ID, DESCRIPTION.

I believe that simply setting up a global db would just be easier, especially if I am going to add the same info to the links db as well.


Marcus L. Griswold