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- Rate-It type rating counter -

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- Rate-It type rating counter -
I have just recently got the DBman database running on my website. It is my first CGI scipt that i have attempted to get runng and I have to say that I am very happy about the program.
I have used JPdeni's tutorial and have found that it is by far one of the best of it's kind on the internet.

Anyway - I would really like to see a rate it type rating on the jokes or even a counter showing how many times the joke has been seen. The first one is preferable.
Otherwise. the program is great and very useful.

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Re: - Rate-It type rating counter - In reply to
There has been other DBMAN users who have made a counter mod, but it did not work in my DBMAN projects. This seems to be a work in a progress. I am working on an improved counter mod, but have not had a chance to re-visit the project in the last few weeks.

In terms of a rating system, I believe that Carol was working on this awhile back. May be she can let us know her progress.


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Re: - Rate-It type rating counter - In reply to
What I did was to add a separate database and used the second one as for ratings and reviews. (Sorta seems like overkill to add a whole database just for ratings, though.)