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<B></B> Appears in View

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<B></B> Appears in View
I did my best to follow the customization instructions but seem to have two problems:

1. When I search or view a record, the particular search field I used shows up like this:


The actual HTML tags appear in the field box. I've searched through the code and don't seem to find anything I did which is causing this. All the other fields appear ok.

2. The little yellow post-it notes are an attractive way to present the data and I like that. But when I view my records with the auto_generate turned off, I get the little yellow post-it notes, however, the text areas are white boxes. This is okay for entering new data and/or modifying records, but when I'm just viewing the records I wanted the format that appears in the sample database which is there when I first installed dbman.

Can anyone assist me with this?
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Re: [Bill Tillman] <B></B> Appears in View In reply to
The bold tags may be due to having within your .cfg file:

$db_bold = 1;

change that to:

$db_bold = 0;

and it may solve that problem.

I'm not sure what you mean by "yellow post-it notes" within the display. When you setup your own fields did you then also modify sub html_record_form to include your specific fields? And then include those fields within sub html_record?

Sorry, I'm trying to understand without being able to see what you are talking about. Are the post-it notes a customization you were trying?

Unoffical DBMan FAQ

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Re: [LoisC] <B></B> Appears in View In reply to
Yes, I would think that bold tags are the issue, but if you run the example database that comes with DBman you will see that this problem doesn't crop up. And several years ago when I tried DBman I didn't have this problem. I used the Configurator on the JPDeni website and it all worked well. The Configurator site is off-line so I just tried to follow the customization instructions in the tutorial. It all works well with the exception that <B></B>Data<B></B> appears in the searched field's text box instead of a bold copy of the data.

I turned off auto_generate in the default.cfg file. I also entered my custom fields and then edited the html.pl file to use my new fields. Everything appears in the order I want and I can enter, edit and delete data at will. But when I view, search or List All records, this funny thing with the html tags appears in one of the fields, which is always the one used as the search criteria.

I turned off the $db_bold switch and that resolved the problem. But that was nice feature to see the particular field or data I was searching for to appear in bold. As I said, this wasn't a problem a few years ago when I ran DBman using the Configurator. I must be missing something here.

And the yellow post-it notes...when I run the example database each record appears in a little yellow post-it looking format with black text against the yellow background. With my copy I see the records in the little yellow post-it note format, but instead of black text on the yellow background, I'm seeing black text in white text boxes against the yellow background. Kind of makes it trashy looking instead of the nice coherent yellow format that I was expecting.

Thanks for your reply and if you have any additional advice I'd appreciate it.
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Re: [Bill Tillman] <B></B> Appears in View In reply to
Sly Problem solved....like a dummy, I didn't read the last step in the tutorial about clearing the formatting in the sub_html_record subroutine. It's working now, but I want the font to be more like the Arial font than the Times New Roman that the records appear in now. I'll probably figure that one out shortly too.

Thanks for the advice.