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[Links SQL 2.2.1] - link verification problem

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[Links SQL 2.2.1] - link verification problem
Occassionally, on some sites being verified, you may run into an error with the message "Usage: $obj->readblock($scalar, BLOCK_SIZE) at /path/to/admin/GT/WWW/http.pm line 770". To fix this, a single line in GT/WWW/http.pm needs to be changed, from (line 766):

my $read_size = $chunk_size * 0.5;


my $read_size = int($chunk_size * 0.5) || 1;

If you prefer not to change the file directly, the attached file replaces admin/GT/WWW/http.pm and fixes the problem. The Links SQL 2.2.1 download has also been updated with this fix.

Jason Rhinelander
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