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[GMail 2.2.2] - mod_perl load fix

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[GMail 2.2.2] - mod_perl load fix
The latest release of Gossamer Mail (2.2.2) as released is missing a call to load the GT::SQL::Tree module in GMail/mod_perl.pm. This is normally a fairly trivial matter as GT::SQL::Tree will be loaded automatically when needed, however, when loading Gossamer Mail as well as older releases of other products, you may end up in a situation where Gossamer Mail will load an old version of GT::SQL::Tree from one of the other programs installed, which can then result in a fatal error: "Unknown method 'num_children' called at /path/to/gmail/admin/GMail/Folders.pm line 96."

Replacing GMail/mod_perl.pm with the attached file will load GT::SQL::Tree on startup which will prevent the problem, and also delivers a (very) small optimization (as the GT::SQL::Tree module will not have to be loaded by each mod_perl server). If you prefer, you can edit GMail/mod_perl.pm yourself, and add:

use GT::SQL::Tree();
If doing so manually, I recommend adding it immediately below the line 'use GT::SQL::Table();'

Jason Rhinelander
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