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[GForum 1.1.8] - Group add error

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[GForum 1.1.8] - Group add error
The 1.1.8 release of Gossamer Forum has a bug related to adding new groups.

If you get an error while attempting to add a group, upload the attached file to: /path/to/your/admin/GForum/Table/Group.pm

Watch out! You must not replace the admin/GForum/Group.pm file, make sure you replace only the one inside the Table directory.

Jason Rhinelander
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Jagerman: Sep 15, 2002, 2:41 PM
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Ian: Sep 5, 2002, 2:18 PM
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Re: [Jagerman] [GForum 1.1.8] - Group add error In reply to
Hello Staff of GT!

It is hard for me to understand the maintainance of this bug-fix forum.

Which one is correct

Revision : $Id: Group.pm,v 1.14 in this thread or

Revision : $Id: Group.pm,v 1.7 that is delivered with the download?

I beleive the date is correct since the 14 one is from this year, which justifies that fourteen is higher than seven.

However, 1.14 is not higher than 1.7!!!

Further, the downloaded area is never updated after a bug fix.

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rajani: Oct 4, 2002, 7:10 AM
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Re: [rajani] [GForum 1.1.8] - Group add error In reply to
I don't believe there has been a new release since August 18th so the Group.pm file attached to Jason's post is likely to be the latest version.

All bug fixes will then probably be applied to the next release.
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Re: [rajani] [GForum 1.1.8] - Group add error In reply to

CVS numbers revisions 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, ... 1.9, 1.10, 1.11 etc. So 1.7 is 7 revisions behind 1.14. Read it as 1.07.


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