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[2004/05/04 releases] Globals aren't working properly

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[2004/05/04 releases] Globals aren't working properly
The products released today - Links SQL 2.2.0, GForum 1.2.3, GMail 1.2.3, FileMan 2.1.0, and GList 1.1.0 have a serious problem preventing globals from working properly. The fix is in the GT/Template.pm file, attached to this post. Anyone who has installed one of the products released today should replace the admin/GT/Template.pm file with the attached copy. Anyone who downloads one of the products as of this posting will be get the updated, fixed package. If you aren't sure, look near the top of GT/Template.pm - it should contain a line such as:

# $Id: Template.pm,v 2.109 2004/05/05 00:57:47 jagerman Exp $

If the version above in red is 2.108, you have the problematic version; 2.109 is the correct, fixed version.

Alternatively, it may be easier to simply re-download the program and "upgrade" your existing program, which will replace the problematic file and won't adversely affect your installation.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to send me a private message, or e-mail me at jason@gossamer-threads.com.

Jason Rhinelander
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