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yahoo v links 2/sql2

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yahoo v links 2/sql2
how does yahoo do their site?
theirs is so big ... do they rebuild the entire index every couple of weeks or what?
how did links come to be?

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No-one really knows what Yahoo does...and how would they...its not like it is published anywhere.

I suspect that currently Google do a lot of the hard work and Yahoo pay for the rights to publish the content.

They have changed some parts of the site from a standard links directory to the Google spider however they seem to mix in their own directory results in with the spidered results.

A lot of the major search engines like altavista, aol and netscape all use the dmoz content in their search engines so it is a bit of a con really and they are all over valued companies.

Yahoo decided to start charging people to add to the business category.......like they didn't make enough money already.....co-founders are both worth a couple of billion $ each........

Apparently you are better off adding resources into the mini-yahoos for your specific region/country as they enter the directory quicker and are more likely to be accepted.

I don't like Yahoo much anyway because most of the spidered results are WAY out of date and so you wade through tons of 404 and 403 errors.

Paul Wilson. Shocked
(Dont blame me if I'm wrong!)