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mySQLman / fileman within SQL GT scripts

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mySQLman / fileman within SQL GT scripts
disclaimer ... really not sure where to post this question ... move if felt necessay Angelic

since GT's SQL scripts use mySQLman and fileman ... I was wondering if when a newer version comes out if you can't also update linkSQL's version or GForum's at the same time.

say I'm running LinksSQL/Gforum/and DBManSQl ... a newer version of mysqlman comes out ... can I just update all 3 versions at once or do I have to do each one seperately or what????

Since this seems to be soo confusing ... why not just make one big "community" Wink location where any GT SQL script can access and use instead of separate locations for each instance of install.

Yes, I realize that folks may only be using 1 SQL script from GT but still ... for those who many be using more that 1 this would be nice .... hmmm .... 2 types of installers?

anyway ... just wondering

openoffice + gimp + sketch ... Smile
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Re: [QooQ] mySQLman / fileman within SQL GT scripts In reply to

In theory yes. We are looking at ways to better integrate things, without making installation to much of a headache.

Things like the GT libs, FileMan and MySQLMan could definately all be shared.

It can be done manually using sym links, but isn't a straight forward process.


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