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links v2 configuration .... isn't this confusing ?

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links v2 configuration .... isn't this confusing ?
This is taken from the readme.

$db_dir_url = "http://localhost/links/cgi-bin/admin";

All of you, I'm sure know where I'm talking about.

Thinking recently about the past and now, a lot of people new to GT and links v2 seem to have trouble, since most folks don't read the readme and localhost/ " links " /cgi-bin this links is confusing to script beginners. hehe, even this has caught me off guard. The above links is obviously the account name BUT it could easily be confused with the name of the script just shortened.

I know all kinds of remarks will be made, but first, I'd like to suggest that maybe an extra example or a slightly different naming convention could be used in default set-up and in the readme.

What do you think ?

on the pages in between ...
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Re: links v2 configuration .... isn't this confusing ? In reply to
GT as far as I know are not doing updates to Links 2 anymore, quite rightly they are working on Links SQL, and their other products Wink

As for the readme etc, I agree that really needs to be re-written. I know it is a boring task, but surely Alex could get someone to do it? I would be happy to do it if I had permission! Wink

Also, I think that a few mods, like the Enhanced Templates mod should be installed as default.

Just a few ideas to add onto QooQ's Smile