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Not really sure if this is the right place but the other forums didn't really fit the topic.

Basically I'm working on a windows application that will create a new protocol in Internet Explorer allowing you to use short URL's to search the forum and resources section of the GT website. An example URL is:




It's more of a gimmick than anything else but I guess it could be expanded.

I'll post the application when it's ready...it's only a small file.

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Paul: May 14, 2003, 4:18 PM
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Ok, what you need to do is put the GTProtocol.exe file somewhere simple to remember like:



C:\Program Files\Gossamer

Then, in order to register the new protocol you need to go to Start > Run on your desktop and click the "Browse" button. Locate the GTProtocol.exe file that you just put in C:\ or wherever and then double click it so the path appears in the "Run" box. Then after the path, add: /register, so it will look like the image in run.gif attached below.

That will install the new protocol, and then you can open up a new instance of IE and do something like:


To unregister the protocol do the same as above but use /unregister

The file is at the URL below as GForum doesn't allow exe uploads :(

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Re: [Paul] gt:// In reply to
You can already do this using XML files in Mozilla / Firebird / Phoenix.

It's even got a simpler interface, IMO, where I just type:

gt what is a cgi?

and it will search gossamer forums to 'what is a cgi?'. There are some built in functions with Phoenix such as:


and a few others, undocumented ones.

- wil