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getting logged off...

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getting logged off...
when I click on the shortcut urls provided in emails from this forum, the forum always thinks I'm logged off. all I have to do is hit the back button and click a link again to get logged back in... but what's the problem? I don't remember this happening a couple months ago.

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Re: getting logged off... In reply to
This is always like that for me!

I haven't looked at the emails recently, but if the link in the email to the post is without the www, then the cookie isn't going to register your login name if the cookie uses the full URL with a www prefix.

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Re: getting logged off... In reply to

Most likely you are cookied on www.gossamer-threads.com, and going to /p/12345 will take you to gossamer-threads.com and you lose your cookies.

We will be updating the forum hopefully later this week and it will fix these problems.



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