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couple of questions...

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couple of questions...
Hi, I have been looking at this new script but haven't found this info (a definitive one, what I did found looked like users speculation, but I may be wrong)

1- Will the new script use templates like links? if not, what exactly?
2- Will it be integrated with links SQL/other GT products? From what I read (from other users) this will be a plugin..if so, any idea when it will be released? will it be a different integration than (as an example) links and wwwthreads?

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Re: [patagon] couple of questions... In reply to

I'm assuming you mean the forum? If so, then:

1. Yes, it will be completely template based. No html or language in the code.

2. Soon after the forum is released, we will release Gossamer Community, a plugin that will integrate all our products together.


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Re: [Alex] couple of questions... In reply to
Thanks and yes, I meant the forum (though it's not clear, I just realized). Then that's good news because it will give it an edge over the many good forum packages...

BTW will the plug in (assuming that you want to integrate links sql and the forum) be free? that is if you have that info at this time, of course.

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