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Web Services
Hi Guys,

It would be great if you created a program to manage domains, included within the Gossamer Mail, so it could do things like redirect mail for each domain, redirect www. for each domain etc etc.

What do you think??



No doubt i'll be back for more answers!
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Re: [mdj1] Web Services In reply to
Untill we see the community program, we don't know how were're going

to tie all the programs together and manage it.

I am getting to the stage where the community program is going to save me

a huge amount of time and effort.

The domains one is a good idea as I'm going to end up with 20 plus domains to manage.


PS. Please tell us before Christmas guys.Smile

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Re: [mdj1] Web Services In reply to

We've often thought about doing a domain management system like Plesk, or CPanel. Unfortunately the resources aren't there right now to undertake something of that size unless it was a custom project for somebody.

It is still something that I'd love to do eventually,


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