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User Management Scripts

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User Management Scripts

Ever considered writing a set of standard User Management scripts that will enable someone (like myself) who use a multitude of your scripts a maintain a central user database?

Yes, I know this can be done with DBMan or LinksSQL - the point would be to have something that's completely plug-n-play. When you I install your next GT script you should simply have to provide the path (or check a box) to your user DB and that's it!

You know how my site is configured at the back, (1xDBManSQL as the userDB, 3xLinksSQL, 1xGMail, 1xWWWThreads) we seem to have to write an "authentication plug in" for every set of scripts. A single log-in must be one of the highest priorities for anyone trying to maintain a seamless user experience.

Some features (that I grabbed from buildacommunity.com's app) can include:

- Define privilege groups that are used by all other GT applications to control access and privileges.
- Generate reports based on information provided at registration.
- Mass mail all members of your site doing merges on username, firstname, lastname and email address.
- Search for members based on any criteria supplied at registration.
- View inactive members
- Ban members based on username, IP address or email address.
- Temporarily disable any membership.
- Set it so that members must be manually approved before their memberships are activated.
- Edit or delete any membership.
- View failed login attempts.
- Display a rules page at registration time that members must click-through.
- Set minimum and maximum lengths on usernames.
- Edit automatic emails sent out at registration and when a user requests a new password.
- Request that you be emailed whenever a new member registers or enters the wrong password.
- Choose whether users can set their own initial password or have the system generate a random one.
- Allow your members to search for other members by multiple criteria.
- Have a ‘who’s online’ feature tells others who’s visiting and where.
- Announce your total members and how many have visited today.
- Welcome your newest member through a plugged in announcement.

Just a though....

Safe swoops
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Re: [sangiro] User Management Scripts In reply to

Thanks for the comments! Our top priority right now is working on Gossamer Community. This will be the product that ties all our other products together and lets everything work off the central database.

I don't have an expected date yet, but we are working on it.


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