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Unanswered Questions

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Unanswered Questions
How is it possible that so many "pre-sale" questions are left unanswered here? How is it possible that even ONE "pre-sale" question is left unanswered? These are POTENTIAL BUYERS! ... Really, really baffling. Unbeliabably baffling.
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Re: [avum] Unanswered Questions In reply to
I've raised the same point before but it seems that DBManSQL is not a high priority product. The more popular products get all the support/upgrades. If Gossamer Links will do what you want, you will get a lot more support and features there. Although DBManSQL is a good product I wish that I had bought Links.
GT - any chance of an exchange????
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Re: [jai] Unanswered Questions In reply to
I wanted to buy a "used" DBManSQL license earlier, but found nobody who wanted to sell me one.
If you'd been faster, then we could have been exchange my LSQL license to your DBManSQL one plus money.

I anyway need both LSQL & DBManSQL, but for a cheap exchange it would have been worth to temporarily sell my LSQL license Wink

As for LSQL or DBManSQL discussion.
Both are useful, but each has the area when it should be used.
DBManSQL is useful in those cases, when you want to handle unlimited databases, and want to do complex searches, but hierarchical categories, directory related features are not important.

I already posted an LSQL vs DBManSQL feature comparison here:
Generally LSQL is for directories, DBManSQL is for databases.

Sorry for being offtopic Angelic

Best regards,

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