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Suggestion to new LInks SQL

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Suggestion to new LInks SQL
Hi there,

I don't know if it has been suggested before, of if it's already included in the new version, But I would like to see this:

The possibility to add/remove the options editors can add for a link.
I have lots of plusing installed, Aki and Mel can say yes to that :-), and that gives a lot of options to each link.
I would think it could be cool, if there could be a place, where you could click and choose which options for a link, it is possible for an editor to use... Hope you guys understand What I mean....

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Re: [bannerzone] Suggestion to new LInks SQL In reply to
This has been requested some time ago. I just want to add my 2 cents in requesting this feature again. I think Yogi tried a plugin and then removed it because he said it caused unexpected new problems...

Is the only way from keeping editors from changing specific fields to hard code the edit form in the back office of lsql?
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Re: [nt6] Suggestion to new LInks SQL In reply to
It has already got lot of feature and balnce is covered in plugins. Great Script
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