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Suggestion for Forum

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Suggestion for Forum
Hi guys,
I just have quick suggestion for your forum.
I was wondering if it would be possible to have clock displaying the current time of the forum.

The reason is that when I logon to read the posts the time posted column doesnt really make much sense as Im not sure if that is the current time or not. The only real way to know what the time is at the forum location is add a post or wait and watch for to be added.

I just think it would make it easier for people like my self on the other side of the world (Australia)

Any way you guys do a great job. Keep it up.

Thanks again

Zero 73:)

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Re: Suggestion for Forum In reply to
I was thinking I should keep it like a Casino, no windows, no sunlight. Never know when you should leave. ;)

Anyways, it was an easy change, so there it is.



Gossamer Threads Inc.
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Re: Suggestion for Forum In reply to
A major problem we have in these forums is that too many people are not searching the forums for their answers and just repeating the questions. I'm sure you've noticed that this has enfuriated many people because that have to add to the problem by answering the thread, either by posting a link to another thread or answering the question in full. Perhaps we can cut down on this if you added a reminder to the "post new thread" page for users to check the resource center and search the forum before posting the thread. Search tips on the search page itself would be beneficial as well because many others say they've searched and couldn't find what they were looking for, while other users could find it easily.

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Re: Suggestion for Forum In reply to
I know this is incredibly picky of me, but how about a <BR> after the date? It does'nt quite fit all on one line and would look better if the Time held together.
(and im running in 800x600)

And you should probobly decide on either a 24 hour clock or 12 hour clock, not both... 09:42 PM looks kinda weird Smile
(sorry, that's just the way I am Laugh)

Oh, and while you're at it you can change..... Wink

- Mark

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Re: Suggestion for Forum In reply to
In reply to junko's post. I must agree but on the other side I am one of those people. I have found it difficult at some times to find the info Im after and it is so easy to ask as 9 times out of 10 you receive.

I always believe in providing a solution when presenting a problem. So here is my small contribution to this:

I understand that the forums are broken down into many categories already but maybe when a user adds a post he can select a value from a list for that forum.

These values would be for example a list of mods for that script and so on.
This info would be used as a secondary search field once a user has decided what forum to search.

Just a thought anyway.........

Thanks again for the time feature "Perfect" to put it in one word.


Sydney, Australia