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Hi Alex,

Re: Suggest a Category.

I know this one has been brought up quite a few times in other parts of the forum. But, trying to write this myself is only proving to be a featureless, unconforming, unsecure bad attempt at solving the problem.

I would really like to see a 'Suggest a Category' in some manner or form in a future update/version or even plugin for LSQL.

I personally would like:
  • The category suggestion to be available when a user is adding their link, so that the suggested category 'knows' exactly which parent categories it is under, and the admin does not have to search through thousands of cats to find and create it.
  • On the link validatation form you could simply approve or dissapprove the suggestion, and the link validation email would relfect the category submission approval/disapproval also.
  • Links would also not let me submit a suggestion which already exists with the same parent category!
  • This feature could be turned on or off, so users who don't want it don't have to have it.

If it is not likely that such a things will be in up-coming editions, do you think it is possible to get this written as a plugin? (please pvt msg or email me for quote). I prefer a plugin over a simple mod... this makes it easy for non-perl types like myself to upgrade, and change things.


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Does anyone have any comments on this? Perhaps I should have put this in the "Custom Modification Jobs" forum Crazy