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Suggestion: Links SQL

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Suggestion: Links SQL
Alex & Company,

I hope that this is the correct area for suggestions. I was getting the "Can't call method "fetchrow_array" error so I searched the forum looking for answers. I found a few, then checked out the code, seemed ok. The bottomline is that the MYSQL connection at the ISP was down.

Is it possible (or even a good idea) to check to make sure the DB is connected before some functions. I checked a lot of areas and the error messages are very vague and confusing, even though they all relate to the DB not connecting.

I'm not sure if the overhead is too much or what. I'm still learnig this stuff.

Also, how do you set up the User Types? I've been a novice forever and I think I'm one stem above that now.

Thanks as usual.

Howard J. Brubaker
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Re: [wizcom] Suggestion: Links SQL In reply to

If you get that type of error, the best thing to do is go to Setup->Misc, turn debug on, and then look at what GT::SQL::error says. The message will be obvious then, (will say something like can't connect to local server, or something similiar).

As for user types, I believe you need 50 posts to become User level.. =)


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