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Searching the Forums: Hints and Tips

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Searching the Forums: Hints and Tips
When searching the Gossamer Threads Support Forums, I would recommend the following:

1) Select a SPECIFIC forum to search in via the FORUM field.
2) Use meaningful keywords in the KEYWORD field.
3) Select And for the SEARCH OPTIONS. (Phrase and Username searches don't work very well.)
4) Select All posts in the DATE RANGE field.
5) Input a large number of HITS like 250 or 500 in the HITS field.
6) Don't judge Threads by their Title. It is best to read as many of the Threads that are displayed in the RESULT pages.

It seems that many Gossamer Threads users are typically using the DEFAULT search values in the FORUM SEARCH FORM and complain about NOT finding relevant Threads.

Hopefully, the above suggestions will help.

Have a Nice Day! Wink


Eliot Lee