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Searching for other Gossamer forums

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Searching for other Gossamer forums
I'm new to the Goassamer communities, and I'm impressed by the layout and design -- particularly the built-in HTML editor which is similar to MSN's. I found my way here through a site that used to house its message boards on another site, and I was a semi-regular there for 3 years.

My question is simple: Is there a way to find a general listing of all of the Gossamer forums -- or better yet, to be able to search for specifc categories of interest such as investing? Thanks.

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Executive: Mar 11, 2002, 3:33 PM
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Re: [Executive] Searching for other Gossamer forums In reply to
Your best bet is to goto Google.com and query 'gforum.cgi'. That will hopefully bring up some results on it.

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