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Does anyone know how i could possibly incorporate an SSI banner wheel into my threads system, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Better forum to post requests like this is in the Perl/CGI Forum. What "Thread" system are you referring to?


Eliot Lee
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Re: SSI In reply to
If you mean wwwthreads then this question would be best asked at their forum.


Support: http://wiredon.net/forum/

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Re: SSI In reply to
Both Links and w3t are largely cgi-generated. Using "ssi" is something that doesn't work well with cgi, since cgi bypasses the 's' (server) portion of 'ssi' in the processing.

There are suggestions for how to do this in cgi-generated pages, so you might want to look that up.

But, you would really need to ask specifics on the w3t forums, since people do have solutions.

There is an integration plug-in for w3t and Links SQL 2, that I'm using successfully, but haven't had time to delve into the internals yet. Too much going on at one time.

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