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Request For releasing a Stable Stable Version

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Request For releasing a Stable Stable Version
Hello GT Staff/Development Team

All efforts should go more towards providing an stable enough "Stable Release" so that the clients do not have one thing breaking after another. This is not the first time that wrong files/packages were packaged and Glinks3.0.0 stable has seen that repeat. I know this would draw criticism from many and elderly advice to wait for two/four/six months before taking any "chance" or "gambling with live installation", well no one would buy the first car of a new model ... everyone would sit back and with wait for the first fatal crash before deciding to buy if that is to be extrapolated. What happens internally at GT is none of my concern, my only concern is that the confidence level should reign high before doing an upgrade... which at the moment is not favourbly placed.

This becomes more important when multi application setups integrated with other stuff are in place. If cpanel/plesk/hsphere/etrinix/hostingcontroller passed on that always do an upgrade on a development server before upgrading a live server i won't think anyone would buy that logic, it is simply not worth the effort.

Take this as a constructive criticism on how things have gone so far with Glinks3... a new surprise every morning... and unfortunately we cannot quote M$ as an example to our clients... it's would be too unjustified a comparision.

Not too impressed with the way things have moved... though have learnt to live with the pain ...and last two or three years has seen no change for the better.

Mail Me If Contacting Privately Is That Necessary.