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[Suggestion] PageBuilder integrated into GL3

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[Suggestion] PageBuilder integrated into GL3

I would like to see something like PageBuilder plugin integrated into Gossamer Links 3 version.

This would really expand possibilities of GL as one compact and flexible software.


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Re: [deadroot] [Suggestion] PageBuilder integrated into GL3 In reply to
I would also welcome this improvement as I don't own a PageBuilder plugin license, yet.

However IMHO, $50 for the PageBuilder plugin is not so much, so it somebody needs such feature can safely buy the plugin.
Also it would not be a good idea from GT, to make wrong Yogi's business.
Yogi worked a lot on this plugin, did a lot free support for his users on the forum, so would NOT be fair against him, if GT would make his plugin unnecessary in the future.
Also would not be fair against those who already paid for PageBuilder plugin.

I'm sure GT has a long list of more important features, which would be also welcomed in later LSQL releases...

Best regards,

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