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Calendar / PIM System

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Calendar / PIM System
Hi there,

I've always been consistently impressed with GT's products which is why i'm posting this.

Out studio's been looking for sometime for a well put together, functional and most importantly, easy to use, system for keeping tracking of all studio relating matters.

A Gossamer Thredas PIM of sorts.

It would feature the usual...

To do list

...but could also benefit from...

RSS output
Email alerts (reminders)
Shecheduling (gant charts etc.)

Is it something you've ever consider working on - there doesn't seem to be much real competition out there.

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Re: [Moby] Calendar / PIM System In reply to
I'm very very interested in such direction.
Right now I'm developping something very near of what you are asking for, you can see a nice representation of my current GTlinks hack here:

unfortunately all my efforts has been built from the old Gossamer Links old libraries and it's not easy at all to convert everything to the new library.


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Re: [Lepo75] Calendar / PIM System In reply to
I'm also very interested in this. I actually use Calendar Script (www.calendarscript.com) but it's outdated (no vCal ability, RSS, etc.)...
The one with Mac OS X Server 10.4 :)
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Re: [Lepo75] Calendar / PIM System In reply to
Hi Lepo,

Your calendar looks absolutely great !
I am very very interested in a program like this if it fits to the latest G-Links version 3.0.x.
I want to operate an event-calendar for my tourism-related website, but it should at least be possible to integrate into Gossamer-Community.

I think you should work together with Gossamer-Threads in order to update your system to the latest G-Links version and then it will be a huge success.

Please keep me updated on what your plans are with your program.

Erich from Austria

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