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Q: Pricing Forum/Community Plugin

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Q: Pricing Forum/Community Plugin

I already have a license for Link Sql and I'm very interested in purchasing the GT Forum script and almost for sure the upcoming Community script. Now I am wondering about the pricing / bundling details.
Will the community script be an additional option for scripts like Links SQL or the forum, or will it be a package including the other GT scripts?

I searched the forums for more info about that but couldn't find any details.

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Re: [Digger] Q: Pricing Forum/Community Plugin In reply to
There isn't much info available at the moment. Your best bet for detailed info may be to email GT or use their contact form as they can answer your specific question in private regarding budling prices etc....
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Re: [RedRum] Q: Pricing Forum/Community Plugin In reply to
The only "official" announcement has been that it will be announced in the GT Products section and on the Announcement forum. After the difficulties of the GT Mail 2 release, I imagine there will only be one "official" announcement made by Alex.
Knowing this, however, doesn't lessen my desire to know what the new product releases will be and/or their cost Wink

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