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Policies on custom mods?

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Policies on custom mods?
I've looked through the resource section, and couldn't find an answer to this question - partly because it isn't specific to any one GT script (and there's no "General" category.

I was wondering what GT's policies are on script mods - particularly those that greatly extend the functionality. Would they consider some sort of partnership in cases like this?

For example, if someone decided to build a postcard script (or some other program that GT doesn't currently offer) based on say DBMan, would they consider offering it alongside their own products on some sort of profit sharing scheme?

Obviously this would depend on the quality of the code, the perceived demand etc. but I'm sure many people have wondered about this, which is why I asked here rather than via email.

By the way, I do have a specific script in mind, but I'm deliberately being vague as I'm not sure how practical the idea is yet, and I've seen how impatient people can be if they even think a new product might be coming out. (Suddenly they just can't live without it, even though they were doing so quite happily before it was mentioned.Sly)
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Re: [wysardry] Policies on custom mods? In reply to

Sorry about the late reply!

We are very open to partnerships. If you think you have something we'd be interested in, best thing to do is contact us privately via email.


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Re: [Alex] Policies on custom mods? In reply to
Don't worry about the delayed reply - I know that you've been kept busy with Gossamer Community and are now busy replying to posts about it.Wink

I don't have a finished product yet, I just wanted to know what my options would be once it is done. Now that I know there's a possibility that you'd be interested I can make sure I keep track of every change and write more detailed documentation than I would for myself.

I should probably check with you via email that you don't already have plans to develop something similar yourself though.
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Re: [wysardry] Policies on custom mods? In reply to
FWIW I have a postcards program that runs under Links SQL, and I'll be releasing it under a modified GPL, as I said in another message.

It will probably be a month or so, but if someone wants it before then, I can arrange a separate deal. The license is not written yet, and that is the hold up.

Basically, I want to place it in the open source category, but restrict its use to those with a valid license for any GT SQL-based product, and enforce the sharing of any modifications made to the code. Failure to do so, would be a copyright and intellectual property violation.

The first part is because there is GT-based code in any scripts that access or manipulate the GT data structures, and the reason for the second is that I've gotten much help from open source sources, and without them, development will stop. There seems to be that sort of problem going on now, with everything carrying a price tag, and $50 for trivial modifications to base code, etc.

As a user community, there should be a certain amount of "give back" for the help obtained, and since that seems to have been drying up, I'm looking for language that will enforce that -- or allow me to enforce my copyrights -- against sites that fail to give back after using the code.

I only posted here because you specifically mentioned a postcards script, and I have one. It's the same script running on http://postcards.com

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Re: [pugdog] Policies on custom mods? In reply to

have you ever thought about changing your postcard-plugin to use it as a GMail-Plugin ??


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Re: [pugdog] Policies on custom mods? In reply to
Pugdog, I appreciate your goals very much.
Once I will able to finish & release my commercial scripts to get some financial base, I would be glad to join you by releasing some freeware plugins, too...
I would be open to create some freeware scripts under similar license like under what you would release that postcard script...

That would be not nowadays, but I support your idea. I will also release a small freeware plugin (better say "donationware") in near future. However I know, it could not be compared to your postcard script, but will be freeware...

Best regards,

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Re: [pugdog] Policies on custom mods? In reply to
The program I will be working on won't be a postcard script - I just used that as an example as it's a practical modification that isn't already available in the resources section.

I'm deliberately not saying what the program will be, as it's something I've seen others asking about, and once people hear even a rumour of something new they want they start to get impatient for it to be finished.

I can say that it will be based on flat text files initially (as used in DBMan and Links 2) rather than MySQL. Basically, the intention is to help owners of smaller sites and/or those on a budget.

Links SQL is a very capable product, but many startup site owners cannot afford that sort of outlay. I'm hoping that this program will help bridge the gap.

My main reason for asking about GT's policies is that my initial reason for creating the program was for my own use, and wanted to know if I should go out of my way to design it with other users in mind.

It looks like you mentioning your postcard program has sparked the interest of others, so I'm glad you didn't type all that for nothing. Smile