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Perl Mad
Hello everyone,

I just registered www.perlmad.com and am going to make a script directory like hotscripts.com with it.

I have been working hard for a day or so on the design and I feel that it is now at a decent level for you to start adding resources, so I would be most grateful if you would do that.

You can add scripts that exist on the web with a link to the authors website or you can add links to your own scripts.

Here is the link..


As I said, I would appreciate it a lot if you could start submitting your scripts (if you want) so I can bulk up the directory.

Thanks Smile

(PS. Please don't accuse me of spamming because I wouldn't class this post as spam - the directory is there to help you all) - there is a Links2 mods category for mod authors too.

Paul Wilson.
Coming soon => www.perlmad.com
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