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Perl 6 and GT

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Perl 6 and GT
What do you think of Perl 6 timeframe?
Would also like to know if GT is already looking into it...

The one with Mac OS X Server 10.4 :)
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Re: [maxpico] Perl 6 and GT In reply to
I was at a presentation, which was guided by one of Perl 6 core engine developers.
Perl 6 is interesting, but you should forget it for a while:
- Perl 6 is not released yet.
- Also until the most webservers does not upgrade to Perl 6, most of the Perl developers will not really start using it (because they will not have market where to sell their products).
A new web technology can be used by for personal usage on your own server.
But if you develop for the public, especially if you want to sell your software product, you will want the most users, so you will not use new technology.

It should take at least 1-2 years from Perl 6 release, before it can be widely used.

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