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Passing Variables

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Passing Variables
This is all pretty new to me so please be patient.
I have taken the delete and modify forms and changed their layouts.
I did not like the check box appearing next to the the record so I included it in a header that appears above each record. I did this in &html_record.
This has its drawbacks since the checkbox will appear when you do a simple search as well, but the problem I m having is getting the value of the box to change from delete to modify.

How can I pass a value back to html_record from sub html_modify_form and sub html_delete_form and place it in the value part of the checkbox control?

And if anyone can tell me how to have it not appear when I do a regular view I'd love that as well.

<INPUT TYPE=CHECKBOX NAME="$rec{'recid'}" VALUE="???????">

Thanks in advance

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Wrong Forum.

Paul Wilson.
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