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Palm Links
Idea: A Palm OS application which is capable of importing Links data.

This would allows Links webmasters to sell their site contents, coupled with the PalmLinks app.

Oh... and protecting the data somehow so that users are prevented from reverse-engineering your entire site would be a good idea Crazy

Sure, wireless-enabled Links would be next on the list... but there's a hell of a lot more Palm users than general wireless users.

Does anyone have the appetite to take this on?


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Re: Palm Links In reply to
Not in the least :)

Let the big guys with the money do it, if the services are a success, there will be open source code to do the same thing.

Right now it's too much hype, and not enough money. Maybe in the future, but I'm not venture funded, and there are a lot more _real_ world applications people need first.

If I was hired by someone at some outrageous _salary_, I might consider it. I think we've all been burned by "options" in the past.

FAQ: http://www.postcards.com/FAQ/LinkSQL/

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Re: Palm Links In reply to
Hi pugdog,

I wasn't suggesting grandiose solutions, no need for venture capital Wink... I just looked into this a little more. There are some very inexpensive Palm apps already, and they come with the ability to convert data:

- Tealpoint http://www.tealpoint.com/softinfo.htm
(check out the developer toolkit)

- http://www.mobilegeneration.com/products/mobiledblite/ (freeware).

The latter seems to be a very easy way of achieving what I'm trying to do... but there may other packages out there.