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New DBman Script...

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New DBman Script...
Hi all...is there a new version of Dbman in the works?
a couple script suggestions if so...
allow the user to determine the length of time he whats record posted.
build in a auto notifier of record about to expirer...
build in a record renewal option
build in a auto delete mod
build in a search agent feature.....thanks Rob

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Re: New DBman Script... In reply to
You should contact Alex directly and ask him...Anyway...I believe there is an announcement in the Announcement Forum regarding DBMAN...I believe the annoncement was posted in early July. If you search for DBMAN in the Announcement forum, you should be able to find the Thread.

Posting to the general Gossamer membership will only lead to speculation...asking Gossamer Threads directly is better IMHO.


Eliot Lee

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Re: New DBman Script... In reply to
It's been put on hold unfortunately. All our efforts right now are on creating our module library. Once that is done, we will then update the products.

An update to DBMan is still going to be done as I think there are a lot of things it could do, but it is a little ways off still.



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