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More than links

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More than links
Hi Alex, while working a lot with LSQL and Inlinks i got following idea and try to do it for InLinks at the moment.

If someone uses LSQL as a CMS instead only a searchengine, its needed to have a lot of additional fields.
Example for Cats: Cars and Toys

For both i need a title, a description, some pics and a textfield;
these fields i would like to save in table Links;

but for Cars i need the fields: type, year, PS
for toys i need the fields: age, waterproof or something else

Till now i add all needed fields to table Links and use only these, i need for a category.

The better way could be:

A new Admin menu: add, mod, del a new table
add, mod, del fields for a certain table

Then i go to the category table menu and say:
add / remove additional table

I think this could not be very hard, cause the most routines are in LSQL
(i have done it without an admin menu for 1.13)

There would be a lot of additional work, cause i need new templates for every category:
for add, mod an so on.

But with this, i really would have a fantastic system to do almost everything.


I miss some ways to rate users itself or have stats how a user rates others.

Another thing: I cant give a default value for a text-field ?!

Seems "Blob" wont do that. Why not ?

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sample replay
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Re: [mory] More than links In reply to
Wow, this is increduble
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Re: [Robert] More than links In reply to
This would probably be better in the Links SQL Discussions or Plugins forums Wink

Mory, PLEASE stop spamming threads that are obviously not in the testing forum!

Andy (mod)
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