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More Forums, Better Titles

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More Forums, Better Titles

I was wondering if it would be possible to create different forums for Links SQL. It is becoming quite confusing with address technical issues related to older versions of Links SQL and the Next Generation Version.

May be some of the following forum/titles would help:

Links SQL 2.0 Discussion
Links SQL 2.0 Customization
Links SQL 1.X Discussion
Links SQL 1.X Customization
Links SQL Questions

Just a suggestion though.


Eliot Lee
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Re: More Forums, Better Titles In reply to
Yeah i have to agree although perhaps "Links SQL 2.0 Plugins" would be good. If w3threads could so sub-forums then a forum for each plugin would be good but it can't (--> vbulletin hehe).

apologies for my other duplicate thread on this subject just found this one.

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