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Interesting bug

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Interesting bug

Going back to the problem of "code" (and pre) removing extra white-space (blank lines) from the end of the closing tag to the first non-whitespace character, another interesting thing appeared.

Not only does the closing "code" tag chew up all blank lines (at least 1 and 2 lines), and put the next line immediately following (no spacing) but it also seems to truncate the line (no word wrap) to the width of the screen -- at least in the preview screen.

I've started putting a '.' after the code tag to avoid this.

Something funky is going on there.

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Re: Interesting bug In reply to
Funky business here too:
$rec{'Description'} =~ s/\n/
which should be
$rec{'Description'} =~ s/\n/ < br > /g;
(without the spaces)

doesn't seem to do anything neither.

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Re: Interesting bug In reply to
I believe that pugdog is referring to a FORUM bug not a scripting bug in his site.




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Re: Interesting bug In reply to
Sorry Eliot (damn you're fast Smile) I was indeed refering to a forum bug, as you see in my edited post.