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Info on products in Forums

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Info on products in Forums

I've noticed now that a lot of traffic to these forums come from direct search results, and as such, many people find themselves on these forums without knowing much about Gossamer stuff. Which made me wonder ...

Would it be a good idea to include a bit more details about the products being discussed in each forum? For example, on the top bar one could have something like:

Home: Products: Links SQL:
(current version: foo, info, download, order)

or even:

You are in a forum discussing Links SQL. Find out more about 'Links' here ...

Just something like that really to make things a little easier to find. I just find that 'Products' link at the top so, well, subtle really. Some folks might not stay around long enough to trawl through them - maybe by putting more info into the forums you can increase their curiosity?


- wil

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Wil: Aug 8, 2003, 8:36 AM
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Re: [Wil] Info on products in Forums In reply to
Yeah, good idea. I know for a fact that I get sent here quite a few times, when asking Perl related questions on Google. The GT Forums seem to be very high ranking in Google for programming questions :)


Andy (mod)
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