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Help with dreamweaver templates

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Help with dreamweaver templates
I'm trying to use dreamweaver to create my templates so i can update easily.
it works fine but when i view the pages after building them, none of the sub categories show up, and the links dont either

can anyone help?

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Re: Help with dreamweaver templates In reply to
I am assuming you are using Links 2.0...this request should be posted in the Links 2.0 Discussion forum.

You need to make sure that you keep tags in your template pages....


<%if category%>

These tags need to go on separate lines or install the Enhanced Template.pm codes located in the Links: Modification section in the Resource Center, which can be accessed by clicking on the Resources link in the top menu bar of all forum pages. Using the Enhanced Template.pm codes will allow you to have tags on the same line, like the following:

<%if category%><%category%><%endif%>

Also, this has been discussed before in the Links 2.0 Installation UNIX forum...search for tag problems.


Eliot Lee